A number of development and infrastructure projects have been undertaken for the Moreton Bay Regional Council. Notable among these projects are the following:

  • The preparation and management of an application for an environmental authority for the operation of an environmentally relevant activity in the form of the new Narangba Waste Transfer Station.
    • This state-of-the art facility processes all recyclable materials collected by the council during its weekly wheelybin collection service¬†and replaced the previous facility that formed part of the Petrie Mill site, which is the subject of a major redevelopment process.
    • Planning and coordination services provided on this project included the assembly of a professional team, including environmental and engineering specialists, pre-lodgment liaison with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and the preparation and lodgement of the successful environmental authority application. The provided services also included a detailed assessment of the proposed building works against the Bushfire Hazard Overlay Code under the Moreton Bay Planning Scheme, to provide certification of compliance with this planning instrument.
  • The approval of a new public sports complex at Kippa-Ring, to include new clubhouse facilities and amenities, three, floodlit sports fields, associated parking and spectator facilities and additional passive recreation and environmental protection areas. ¬†
    • Planning and coordination services provided included the assembly and coordination of a professional team comprising of native title and cultural heritage specialists, ecologists, civil, traffic, acoustic and hydraulic engineers and architects, extensive negotiation with state government agencies and the preparation and management of a successful material change of use development application.
    • Construction of this much-needed community infrastructure commenced in late-2016 and is currently nearing completion.

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